Hi all!

Started the new year at school lately. Not many big projects happening right now, but I do have some work to show you. My last year's project was my painting of two kids in my classroom.

This was based off some blind drawings I made of their photo
I used oil paints
Next is 1/3 of my collaboration with Georgiana, it will feature 2 more panels like this of people I find inspirational and empowering. The first panel is of Lupita Nyong'o. I drew Lupita, scanned it, and then sent it to Georgiana who did the amazing, vibrant background. Once we're both finished with the other two panels, there will be a whole post focussing purely on our collaboration together.

This surely is a more colourful post than I expected. 


Left: Calligraphy pen, Artline Fine point 0.2
Jennifer Connelly from Requiem for a dream

Right: Drawing of friend
Drawing of woman in nude, crayon and calligraphy pen 
Left: Drawing of swimsuit and my day at the pool, Artline pen 0.05

Right: Phases of the moon, Artline pen 0.05
Left: Study of my mother. There is a tooth at the top left, she has a missing canine. Her hand and the butter knife is placed around the picture because she was buttering bread when I was drawing her. Artline Finepoint pens 0.2, 0.05

Right: Sketch of Michaelangelo's 'David', Artline Finepoints 0.2, 0.05
I was sitting behind the statue at the time


My friend Rupa saw my 'Sad Eyes' drawing. She loved it and requested for a few drawings! Apart from that, I am overwhelmed by the unconditional support from my family and friends. My internet best friend of 3 years, Dani, my photographer pal mentioned me in an interview with The White Pepper. She has always tried to promote my work and always encourages me to work work work! We are discussing a collaboration which will ensue soon. 

On another note, a friend named Jolene loved the 'Sad eyes' drawing as well. She wants to get it tattoo-ed on her wrists/foream though it hasn't been decided yet. I am so incredibly excited for the day when she gets it! More information on that soon.


These are my two dear friends from my art class: Isaac and Jack. I drew them in preparation for my final project. Previously, I had taken pictures of them in the photo studio and then I drew them later by 'blind drawing', my favourite drawing technique. 


I don't usually post my old things, especially if I don't find them very impressive. I decided to post these because they were a part of my developing stage a long time ago. The first is song lyrics copied and layered over eachother in a motif-like pattern. I basically took a page from my experimenting sketchbook and etched down every phrase I heard while I was listening to the album 'Dye it Blonde' by Smith Westerns. That album is so dreamy and fun that I really wanted to make some sort of work from it. 

The yellowed drawings come from the same sketchbook, but I did them last year on the plane to New York. I watched countless movies on my trip (typical me). There were stills that really captured me in its unmoved charm. I quickly whipped out my sketchbook and started sketching out the paused movie scene with my fine Artline pen. 

The last drawing is an experimentation with a more minimalistic drawing style. The sad eyes belong to a girl on my cover of 'Norwegian Wood' by Haruki Murakami. I did it late in the night.


"When I was saying goodbye, I said, "Au revoir! Bonne chance."And she smiled."
- Angeline


This was the ending result of my first coursework project at school. The theme was 'Similarities and/or differences'. Instead of choosing solely one theme to focus on, I wanted to use the theme to its full potential. My focus was space, and the personification of them, all while using textures to bring it to life. My clay planets still need to be fired up in the kiln, but these are how they look like (they will resort to a beige, neutral brown after their trip in the kiln).

Left to right: Saturn, Venus, Moon